tiwí: descriptive of having the mouth or lips twisted to one side; MAGto distort the mouth or lips insuch a way


gayo: very, an intensifier: bakóng gáyo - not so much, not very much; iyóng gáyo - that very thing; exactly, right on the head, precisely; kaipohan na gáyo - very much needed; kadakol na gáyo - very many; Alas doseng gáyo - At twelve o'clock sharp (on the dot, exactly)

apod: MAG-, -ON to call, hail, summon. page; to contact; to conscript, draft (as into armed forces); MAG-, I- to call out; MAG-, -AN to telephone,call on the telephone


dispensar: MAG-, -ON to forgive; to spare, give a dispensation to; to apologize or say one is sorry: "Dispensaron mo na lang ako" - "Forgive me, I'm sorry"; MAG-, I- to forgive for