26 February 2010


Sgt. Domingo Adversario, a native of Camaligan in this province, was orderly to General Douglas Mac Arthur. While at Corregidor (where Mc Arthur and his family sought refuge), the area they were resting on was suddenly attacked by the Japanese forces. William Manchester, author of American Caesar, a biography of Gen mac Arthur writes, A direct hit exploded in to the cottage s bedroom, shattering the building. Another bomb, much closer to him (Mac Arthur), scattered shrapnel in every direction. The General ducked behind the hedge while his orderly Sgt. Domingo Adversario removed his own steel helmet placed it over Mac Arthur s head. A fragment from one stick of bombs dented the helmet; a steel splinter from another laid Adversario s hand open. As the Mitsubishis roared off, Jean (Mac Arthur s wife) arrived on the run, found herhusband dressing the orderly s hand with his handkerchief.

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